Model Secale

Secale is my new double top model. The name comes from rye ́s scientific genus and the spike of rye has inspired my decorative motifs in the spirit of Art Nouveau.

Secale is more lightly made than Triticum and the biggest structural difference is in the double top structure; Secale ́s double top structure is made with balsa braces so it is an all wood structure. Also Triticum ́s heavy continous linings are replaced with very traditional and lightly built individual tentallones.

The differences between Secale and Triticum aren´t dramataic and are mostly in tonal color. I would say the Secale is a bit more ”human”. Both models are made with the same plantilla, but have a different top structure and linings. The Secale is more lightly constructed. From the outside the models can be distinguished  from each other only by their rosettes, decoration and labels.

I have achieved very good results combining the Secale structure with spruce top. The structure gives spruce color  and power that I find very appealing.

In 2014, I received a grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation to develop a balsa structured double top guitar, and made the first ones 2015.

I have aimed to replace all exotic and endangered woods with more ethical species such as flamed maple. I have had  good results using maple and I can recommend it for both back and sides. After all Tarrega ́s favourite guitar was his maple bodied Torres.

I recommend D'Addario strings on my guitars.

Top Master grade spruce or cedar

Back and sides Madagascar rosewood or flamed maple

Neck Brazilian cedar

Fretboard Ebony, elevated

Tuning machines Nicole Alessi or David Rodgers

Finish French polish of shellack

Price Ask for current price

Scale lengths 613,5mm, 640mm, 645mm, 650mm, 652mm and 660mm are possible.