Guitar Salon Concert Classical Guitar ( in Paris is a new representative of my guitars. Here is what they wrote about me and about the Triticum model I made for them:

“Keijo Korelin is our latest discovery and is living in the deep Finland making wonderful double-top classical guitars. He has been trained with the best double-top luthiers (such as Gernot Wagner) and has developped a very particular double-top guitar which is called Triticum.

  • The guitar is loud (but not too loud to maintained the feel and touch of a ‘traditional’ guitar),
  • The balance brightness/warmness is amazing, one cannot tell that the guitar is dark or clear, just the right balance.
  • The treble are incredibly elegant thick, crystal-clear. They remind me the treble of the Gernot wagner guitar although there are less medium in the bass.
  • The bass are just perfect with some brightness to increase string separation
  • Craftmanship is perfect – elevated fingerboard, with wonderful Alessi tuners

The whole result is amazing, this DT is surely among the best one that you can find.”

I just couldn’t´t define my guitar any better. So thanks a lot Andre and Philippe.

They made also review video to youtube about my guitar, here’s the link