I will be taking part to guitar competition «Золотой век гитары», which will be in Moscow at 4-6.5.2018. My guitar will be the 1st price of the competition, the Grand-Pri like the Russians say it. I am very exited about this happening and I hope to meet some interesting people and hear great virtuosity on guitar.

Involving to this trip there will be 2 “meet the luthier” happenings. First one in St.Petersburg 3rd of May and second one in Moscow 6th of May. I will be speaking there about my method of guitar construction as well as my project to replace the endangered rosewoods with local woods. There will be 2 of my guitars, both spruce double tops, one with flamed maple body and one with arctic birch body. The guitar with flamed maple body will be the first price at the competition.

Thanks to Anton Baranov who asked me to take part to all of this and who organized the happening in St.Petersburg.

Here is link to youtube where Anton makes a “rewiew” of the maple guitar. It´s speaken in Russian, but there will be Anton´s magical playing at the end of the video. Enjoy!