A year ago was held the 1st International Classical Guitar Competition of Finland in Tampere. It was won by Mexican guitarist Misael Barraza-Diaz.

The 1st prize included cash, EuroString tour in Europe and a guitar built by me.The guitar was my Triticum double top model with spruce top and arctic birch back&sides. It was part of my ”local wood” project to find substitutes for endangered rosewoods and on that project I found out that Finnish wood arctic birch works really well in classical guitars. It´s actually the only ”not brasilian rosewood” timber I have used to have bell-like discants similar to Brazilian rosewood.

Last weekend was held Tampere Guitar Festival and the 2nd International Classical Guitar Competition of Finland. Misael was on his EuroString tour in Tampere and had his concert just before the final of the competition. I was really happy to notice that Misael was having his tour with my guitar he won last year. It´s not obvious that prize guitar will be match with guitarist who wins it, but in this case it was. Misael is an amazing player and in following link is his concert in Tampere.

While listening you can also give a thought if the rosewoods are really ”must” in classical guitars? There are very good environmentally sustainable substitutes out there… arctic birch for example.


(video is a live-stream recording with sound-check so the actual concert starts at 41.50)